AppKiDo doesn't display any documentation, or complains that it can't find documentation.

Make sure you've updated the needed docset (Core Library or iPhone). You can do this using the left pane of the Xcode Documentation window.

Suddenly the docs have gone weird -- beginnings or endings are chopped off, or the docs contain unrelated text.

It's possible your docset was updated and AppKiDo needs to reparse it. Try relaunching AppKiDo.

Where are the docs for Carbon? Core Foundation?

AppKiDo only displays docs for Objective-C frameworks. Non-Objective-C frameworks such as Carbon and Core Foundation are not supported.

What does "AppKiDo" mean?

It's short for "AppKit Documentation." Originally AppKiDo only showed the docs for Foundation and AppKit. It's also a play on the names of martial arts like aikido and hapkido. My hope is that AppKiDo will help you be a better, faster, stronger Cocoa programmer.

What does the icon mean?

It's a mutilated form of the Chinese character 道 for "tao" (as in Taoism). It's the same as the Japanese word "do" in "judo" or "aikido." Someday I'll replace the icon with something nicer.