AppKiDo version history - old

Version 0.988 (Feb 7, 2012)

  • Fixed corrupted nib files and converted them to xibs.

Version 0.987 (Feb 6, 2012)

  • Fixed (at least for me) the bug where NSFileVersion wasn't appearing.
  • Fixed bug where docs for NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate weren't appearing.
  • Made version number selectable in the About window.

Version 0.986 (Feb 2, 2012)

  • This is a bug fix release.
  • Fixed an exception that occurs when you use the contextual menu in the doc view and there is no doc (e.g., when you select NSFileWrapper > Class Methods -- NSFileWrapper doesn't have class methods).
  • Includes changes from 0.986 sneakypeeks:
    • Now works with Xcode 4.
    • Fixed a problem with 10.4.
    • Fixed a rarely occurring crash on quit. (Could reproduce by selecting CGEventTapIsEnabled before quitting.)
    • Now displaying more info about Dev Tools directories and why they are or aren't recognized as such.
    • Fixes for 64-bit (NSInteger instead of int).

Version 0.985 (September 25, 2010)

  • Added patch submitted by Gerriet Denkmann that fixes the problem with Xcode 3.2.4 due to the name change from "iPhoneOS" to "iOS", which caused AppKiDo not to recognize a valid dev tools folder as such.
  • Includes changes from 0.985 sneakypeeks:
    • Fixed a bug where if a third party installs a docset in the Dev Tools directory, we might try to use that as our docset instead of the correct Apple one. Thanks to Fritz Anderson for finding this and correctly suggesting the cause.
    • The bug Fritz found went deeper than I thought. Added handling for the case where docset is missing expected plist file, and for the fact that 3.1 iPhone docs now get installed in /Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets.
    • Added fix, sent by Michael Klein, for the fact that -[NSFont defaultLineHeightForFont:] is deprecated and isn't available to 64-bit applications.

Version 0.984 (April 8, 2010)

  • Added Jeff Johnson's fix for a problem with the latest 3.2 docs whereby no docs would appear.

Version 0.983 (August 28, 2009)

  • Works with the Xcode 3.2 docs (i.e., Snow Leopard).
  • Added NSDate to the "Strings, data, collections" quicklist.
  • If you switch to a different app while AppKiDo is loading, you won't get AppKiDo windows popping up in front when it's done loading.
  • Changed to look for docs in the right place when the Dev Tools version is 2.5 and the Dev Tools directory is not /Developer.
  • Added a popup button in prefs so you can choose between iPhone SDKs if you have more than one installed.
  • Fixed bug where links to http: pages (like the sample code links in +stringWithString:) weren't going anywhere.
  • Fixed bug causing DOM classes to show up as root classes.
  • When you do a search, jumps to the first search result that has the search string as a prefix, if there is one.
  • Staggers placement of new windows.

Version 0.982 (December 11, 2008)

  • This is a bug-fix release, not the faster-loading version I promised earlier (that version will be 0.99).
  • Now that the iPhone NDA has been lifted, AppKiDo-for-iPhone is available. It is a separate app with a very slightly different icon. Also, the AppKiDo source code is again available. I don't think it contains anything all that secret, but I wanted to be on the safe side.
  • Added nil checks to prevent some of the crashes that were reported in 0.981.
  • Some docs weren't showing up -- for example, NSIndexPath UIKit Additions and UITextField's delegate methods.
  • The "Classes with delegates" quicklist was missing classes that have a delegate property as opposed to an explicit setDelegate: method.
  • Fixed the Spaces bug where a new window would be created every time you switch to the space containing AppKiDo.
  • Known issue: a few deprecated methods show up in "Delegate Methods" section -- for example, [NSData deserializeAlignedBytesLengthAtCursor:].

Version 0.981 (September 3, 2008)

  • Documentation for Core Animation classes now shows up. I believe a few classes in other frameworks are also fixed.
  • Documentation for properties now shows up.
  • Hyperlinks work better, although links to Core Foundation docs still open a browser page. Thanks to Gerriet Denkmann for help with links.
  • You can specify the location of your Dev Tools if it isn't /Developer.
  • More frameworks are supported if you use Xcode 3, which is recommended.
  • The contextual menu in the doc pane now has an "Open Page in Browser" option, which is handy if you want to send feedback to Apple using the link at the bottom of the HTML page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have changed. Command-(number) and Command-Option-(number) are now used to select items in the table of contents ("General", "Properties", "ALL Properties", "Classes", "ALL Classes", etc.). The keyboard shortcut for selecting a Favorite is now Control-(number).
  • In the prefs panel, you can "Select All" and "Deselect All" when specifying which frameworks to include.
  • You can do a prefix search by ending your search string with "*". This is not a general regex search, just a special case for prefixes.
  • Note #1: There was a 0.98 release, but it only went out to a handful of people as a beta. This version fixes a performance bug that was found in 0.98.
  • Note #2: AppKiDo works best with Xcode 3.x. It will work with 2.4 and 2.5, but some of the docs will be missing.
  • Note #3: I'll release the source code if Apple tells me I'm not violating the iPhone NDA by doing so (I've asked), or when the NDA gets lifted, whichever comes first. At that time I will also release a compiled version that supports the iPhone SDK docs. AppKiDo-for-iPhone will be a separate app that is compiled from the same code as regular AppKiDo except for a few #ifdefs.

Version 0.971 (January 3, 2008)

  • Works better with Leopard. Core Data docs show up. Deprecated methods show up in the proper place (not as delegate methods).
  • No more brushed metal.
  • Known issue: Core Animation docs are not yet supported.

Version 0.97 (June 4, 2007)

  • This release was actually annnounced to cocoa-dev on March 19. For some reason it took me two and a half months to update the web site.
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous release, such that methods added via categories were not listed (e.g., the draw methods that AppKit adds to NSAttributedString).
  • Fixed parsing of functions so they're listed in groups like they used to be.
  • Methods that Apple has documented as deprecated (they are in a separate HTML file now) are listed with "(deprecated)" after their name. Example: [NSApplication application:printFiles:].
  • You can use right-arrow and left-arrow to switch between the method-groups table ("General", "Class Methods", etc.) and the list-of-methods table.
  • Known issue: Types & Constants are still not parsed properly.
  • Known issue: There is at least one deprecated instance method that I incorrectly categorize as a delegate method ([NSTypesetter lineFragmentRectForProposedRect:remainingRect:]).

Version 0.962 (March 4, 2007)

  • This release handles the changes introduced by the Feb 2007 documentation update. Many thanks to Jeff Johnson for figuring out what needed to be fixed.
  • Works better, though not perfectly, with the latest Leopard seed.

Version 0.961 (May 27, 2006)

  • This release handles the changes introduced by Xcode 2.3 and the May 2006 documentation update. You need at least one of these to use version 0.961.
  • Known issue: The "Functions" and "Types & Constants" sections, are organized a little differently, and sometimes list an "Introduction" subsection with no content.

Version 0.96 (April 12, 2006)

  • This version of AppKiDo is a Universal build. Thanks to Michael Clark and Dominik Wagner, who independently submitted changes.
  • Thanks to Dominik Wagner for adding AppleScript support. To see it in action, launch Script Editor and run the following script:
    tell application "AppKiDo"
      search "textview"
    end tell
  • Fixed lingering funny characters due to incorrect UTF-8 encoding. For example, search for "fonts" and you'll see one of the items had funny characters where an em dash should have been. Serves me right for lazily leaving in calls to deprecated C string methods.
  • Fixed the About box so the credits aren't editable. (Thanks to Michael for pointing this out.)

Version 0.951 (January 6, 2006)

  • Fixed two problems that showed up if you installed Xcode 2.2 or the latest doc update: (1) the "Delegate Methods" lists were empty, and (2) weird characters would appear in some docs.
  • Removed the "Delegate protocols" mode from the Quicklist. Decided it's more confusing than useful, since it's empty unless you've chosen WebKit in Preferences. You can always discover the various kinds of WebKit delegate methods by selecting "WebKit" -> "Informal Protocols" in the browser.
  • Added a couple of thank-yous to the credits in the About box.

Version 0.95 (October 5, 2005)

  • Fixed the crasher that would occur if you clicked certain links (for example, any link to NSSize) and dragged the mouse in the doc text area.
  • Added PDFKit and QTKit.
  • Fixed the "Reveal In Finder" contextual menu item.
  • [source] Replaced the Project Builder project with an Xcode project.

Version 0.94 (June 9, 2005)

  • Fixed several memory errors that were causing crashes. Things that could cause those crashes were: open and closing multiple windows; and launching AppKiDo with nothing in the system-wide Find pasteboard.
  • Got "Use Selection For Find" working with WebView.
  • Added SyncServices to the list of frameworks you can browse (Tiger only).
  • Modified XML export to export frameworks in alphabetical order by framework name.
  • Dropped support for systems without WebKit installed (i.e., very old Jaguar).
  • Fixed bug where going to CIColor -> General -> Method Types -> -blue would open the browser instead of traversing the link within AppKiDo.
  • Fixed bug causing the search field to sometimes not pick up changes to the system-wide Find pasteboard.

Version 0.93 (May 7, 2005)

  • Got rid of the search delays that appeared in the previous version.
  • Added CoreData and CoreImage.
  • Fixed bug where the popup menu of frameworks in the quicklist wasn't remembering itself properly between launches.
  • "Reload" no longer appears as an item in the contextual menu for the doc text area.
  • Added "Copy Page URL" to that menu.
  • Moved "Reveal In Finder" to that menu, and out of the File menu.
  • Fixed a hyperlink bug that caused you to go the wrong place if you went from NSView to "Class Description" and clicked "Commonly Used Methods".

Version 0.92 (April 28, 2005)

  • This is a beta release. Its main feature is that it runs on Tiger.
  • Fixed a prefs bug that caused some users to lose their Search settings between launches.
  • In the method lists, if a method is added by a different framework than the class belongs to, that framework is indicated next to the method name. Example: NSAttributedString -> -initWithURL:documentAttributes: is added by AppKit.
  • Got Find working again.
  • Changed Command-G and Shift-Command-G to do Find Next and Find Previous instead of Search For Next and Search For Previous. Got rid of Search For Next and Search For Previous.

Version 0.91 (July 5, 2004)

  • Now requires at least version 10.2.x of OS X.
  • Changed Search back to being per-window instead of in a separate panel. Search options are now in a popup menu instead of a bunch of checkboxes.
  • Added "Reveal In Finder" item to the File menu.
  • Fixed bug causing search to miss some results (for example, if you searched for "alertpanel" or "NSAlertDefaultReturn").
  • Fixed bug causing wrong header file to be displayed.
  • Fixed bug where "Reset Appearance Prefs" was clearing out all prefs, including Frameworks prefs.
  • Fixed bug causing sections to be omitted from displayed docs. For example, function docs were missing the "Description" section. The "Availability" sections were also missing.
  • Function names show up properly punctuated (with parens) in the doc list.
  • With at least one Jaguar incarnation of the ScreenSaver framework docs (I think the Dec 2002 DevTools), the function docs could not be read. Now they can.
  • Added "Hide Toolbar" and "Customize Toolbar..." items to the View menu.
  • Added logic to check for different possible locations of the HTML docs. The directory structure of the documentation has changed over various releases of the DevTools. Most recently, it has been changed by the Xcode 1.5 beta.
  • Changed wording of the red message in the Frameworks tab of the prefs panel to be less alarming and more accurate.
  • Added remembering of windows' quicklist states between launches.
  • Fixed bug causing "Inheritance" to show up at the top of the doc list above "Class Description" if there is also a "Class At A Glance" item (e.g., NSTableView).
  • Fixed bug where if you went to "AppKit" / "Types & Constants" / "Enumerations" / "NSAttributedString Underlining Styles", the link to "NSAttributedString - Underline Masks" didn't work.
  • Sped up the initial parsing a bit -- or rather, got rid of some of the slowdown that had been added in the previous release.

Version 0.903 (April 28, 2004)

  • Fixed incompatibility with Xcode 1.2.
  • Added preference option to use Aqua windows instead of metal.
  • Fixed a bug with older (pre-Xcode) versions of the docs: if you went to NSImageCell / Instance Methods / -imageAlignment, and clicked on the "Constants" link, you would go to the wrong place.

Version 0.902 (April 9, 2004)

  • This is a maintenance release.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during parsing if non-Apple HTML files were encountered in the documentation tree. Thanks to Fran Stubbs for helping me find this.
  • Fixed a bug where if you choose to include the AddressBook framework, ABActionDelegate would be listed as a top-level class instead of an informal protocol.
  • Fixed a display bug where if you drag the mouse in the blank area of the Quicklist table, a hand cursor would appear in addition to your regular mouse pointer. Thanks to David Dauer for pointing this out.
  • Fixed the bug where not all windows would update if you make a change to your Favorites list, whether by adding, removing, or re-ordering.
  • Made Command-D the shortcut for adding a Favorite. This is consistent with the "Add Bookmark" shortcuts in Safari, Mozilla, OmniWeb, etc.
  • Removed the command-keys for "Find Next" and "Find Previous"; changed the "Search For Next" and "Search For Previous" menu items to use the Apple-standard Command-G and Command-Shift-G.

Version 0.90 (April 3, 2004)

  • Favorites
    • The Quicklist drawer now has a "Favorites" mode that lets you define your own quicklist.
    • Add a Favorite using the "Add xxx to Favorites" menu item.
    • Favorites can be any top-level topic -- i.e., any item in the browser view at the top of the window. A class or protocol can be a Favorite. So can the "Informal Protocols" topic for a framework.
    • AppKiDo accepts Command-Shift-1 through Command-Shift-9 as shortcuts for the first nine favorites in your list.
  • Search
    • Search is now in a separate panel instead of the Quicklist drawer. This makes it easier to read search results such as long method names that are too wide to fit in the Quicklist table.
    • The Search panel displays a popup list of your last 20 search strings. Search strings are not remembered between launches.
    • Added option for case-sensitive search.
    • Added a Search tool to the toolbar.
  • Additional frameworks
    • Added documentation for four more frameworks: WebKit, AddressBook, PreferencePanes, and ScreenSaver. If these frameworks are present on your system, you can choose the ones you want in the Prefs panel. Note that more frameworks means longer launch times, because AppKiDo parses the headers and HTML files every time.
    • If the WebKit docs aren't in the new location, AppKiDo searches in the old location where earlier versions of WebKit installed them.
    • Reorganized the Quicklist drawer to reflect the fact that we aren't just about Foundation and AppKit any more.
  • UI enhancements
    • AppKiDo now uses the brushed metal look.
    • AppKiDo now remembers window locations on quit.
    • There is a new "Remember This Window's Layout" menu item that lets you specify the size and position of newly opened windows.
    • AppKiDo now uses WebView to display doc text. Pros: code examples now display properly; you can now select text from tables, like the tables used to display Constants. Cons: "Find" and "Use Selection For Find" no longer work (I may switch to the Omni frameworks if I can't figure out how to fix this with WebKit).
    • If WebKit is not available, AppKiDo falls back on NSTextView for displaying documentation.
    • Command-clicking a link opens it in a new window.
    • Removed Foundation/AppKit Functions from the toolbar.
    • Added a preference for the font used to display header files.
    • Links in the About panel are now clickable.
    • If AppKiDo becomes active with no open windows, it opens a new window.
  • Miscellaneous features
    • For classes that belong to multiple frameworks, the "Overview" list now shows the extra framework docs ("Class Description", etc.).
    • Added a "Check For Newer Version" option to the application menu.
    • Added "Export Framework Database..." to the File menu. This writes the structure of AppKiDo's internal database (but not the documentation itself) to an XML file. I use this mainly for my own debugging, but others may find it useful. For example, you could run it before and after a release of the Dev Tools to help spot API changes.

Version 0.891 (July 21, 2003)

  • Runs under the Panther pre-release.
  • Removed trailing <hr> tags and Apple copyright notices in the text view.
  • Now wrapping long lines of example code instead of letting them run off the right edge of the text view.

Version 0.89 (May 19, 2003)

  • You can now browse Types & Constants.
  • Changes to Find:
    • You can now do a Find within the piece of documentation you are reading, using the standard Command-F/G/D command-keys. Command-F opens a Find panel.
    • The global find operation is now called Search, and uses Shift-Command keys.
    • There is a new Find menu that contains the Search and Find operations.
    • The Search and Find text fields are synchronized with the system-wide find-pasteboard. This means you can use Command-E on a word selected in some other Cocoa app, come back to AppKiDo, and hit Shift-Command-G to search for that word.
  • The class browser has been reorganized a bit. I've added Types & Constants and I've separated informal protocols into their own list.
  • I've removed the "Not all versions will be free" sentence from the About box. AppKiDo is freeware. (I was going to ask for donations when the version number reached 1.0, but I've changed my mind.)
  • Added a "Horizontal scroll bar" option to the text view's contextual menu.

Version 0.882 (January 26, 2003)

  • Bug fix to my bug fix: I didn't mean to include protocol methods in the regular lists, only the "ALL Methods" lists.

Version 0.881 (January 26, 2003)

  • Bug fix: some methods declared in protocols were not showing up in the "ALL xxx Methods" lists.

Version 0.88 (January 25, 2003)

  • Added ability to list all of a class's documented methods, including inherited methods and methods declared in protocols.
  • Added buttons that behave like the "Back", "Forward", and "Superclass" toolbar icons. Right-clicking on these buttons brings up either a history menu or, in the case of the "Superclass" button, a menu of ancestor classes.
  • Divided the "Navigation" menu into "View" and "Go".
  • Modified the app icon.

Version 0.87 (October 27, 2002)

  • Added ability to search for method names by substring.
  • Modified tooltip for "Superclass" button to show class name.
  • Reordered items in the "General" list so "Class Description" or "Protocol Description" is always the first item.

Version 0.86 (September 28, 2002)

  • Added ability to browse and search functions.
  • Changed search to be by substring instead of prefix.
  • Added a preferences panel.
  • Added a proper Aqua toolbar.
  • Assorted bug fixes and tweaks, including resizing bugs, non-working hyperlinks, and memory leaks.

Version 0.851 (August 29, 2002)

  • This is an interim patch release. It fixes one bug: when running under Jaguar, delegate methods were not being listed.

Version 0.85 (July 25, 2002)

  • Moved the "Lookup" drawer to the left-hand side, which is more natural for a nav-bar type of pane. Now calling it the "Quicklist."
  • Added Find capability to the Quicklist drawer. Try Command-F, Command-E, Command-G, and Command-D. Also try selecting a class name in the documentation and hitting Option-Command-F.
  • Fixed a bug where nothing would happen if you clicked on the already-selected item in the Quicklist (formerly the "Lookup" drawer). This was a bug because you might have changed the main window selection using history navigation.
  • All clickable links should work now, except those in HTML tables -- that seems to be an AppKit bug.
  • Added menu items and keyboard equivalents for things -- see the "Navigation" menu.
  • Added a "Superclass" button.
  • Removed the "--Columns" and "++Columns" buttons. They are now menu items, with keyboard equivalents.
  • Added "Show/Hide Browser" button to toggle visibility of the class browser.
  • Renamed "Previous" and "Next" buttons to "Back" and "Forward".
  • Now tries to display as many browser columns as possible. For example, go to an object deep in the hierarchy like NSTextView, then a shallower object like NSArray. In 0.84, the browser was scrolled over unnecessarily.
  • Cursor changes to a hand over clickable links.
  • Now closes the splash window when done initializing.
  • Toned down the icon.
  • Version number now shows up in Finder.